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That's 2 underscores, kiddies.

Welcome to Book__Worms! A community designed for those who have a passion for reading and writing.
Here you can find original poetry, novels in the works, recommendations, summaries, reviews, ect.

This community is now open to your creativity, along with all the great books you have read.

There are only 4 rules in this community.

2.DoNt TyPe Lyke Dis. If you do...You will be given ONE warning, if it happens again, you will be kicked out. Proper English people!
3. On your first post, label it "New Member-I Love Books" So we know you read the rules.
4.DO NOT promote other communites unless you have permission from one of the MODS.

Love may be doomed, but does not die.

We like to hear from the new members so if you would be a dear and fill this survey out it would be appreciated. This is completely optional. Do not use this survey with "rich-text format".

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