Jane (janew7) wrote in book__worms,

New Member - I love books!

Name: Jane
Age: 17
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Favorite Colors: Green, purple.
Favorite Genres: teen fiction, romance, poetry, humour, fiction in general, classics.
Favorite Books: The Pact, A Walk to Remember, My Sister's Keeper, The Shell House, Back Home.
Favorite Authors: Jodi Picoult, Michelle Magorian, Roald Dahl, Nicholas Sparks, Linda Newberry, Wilfred Owen
Just Read: A Walk to Remember.
Currently Reading: Noah, Noah by Paul Wilson.
Books I want to read: There's so many of them, The Great Gatsby and 1984 among them.
Where did you hear about us? Just came across the community, browsing.
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Hey! Welcome! This is weird...I was actually thinking of posting again in this community! ^_^

You should! Be good to get it started again. Anything I can do to help?

I'm about to post a mod application if you're interested in the position. I love having people help out! Especially since I've been so busy lately!
Ooo yeah I'm definitely interested though I'm not very good at this whole technology thing...

What would the position of 'mod' entail?