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New Member-I Love Books

//New Member//

A little information about me.

Name: Lizzie
Age: 15
Location: United States
Favorite Colors: Gray, Black, and White.
Favorite Genres: Fiction, some types of non-fiction, horror, and fantasy.
Favorite Books: The Five people you meet in Heaven, Blink, A Deadly Game, Blind Alley, Kite Runner, Alice in Wonderland, The Tipping Point, and a Mid-summer nights dream.
Favorite Authors: Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespere, Dan Brown, Sue Grafton, and Malcolm Gladwell.
Just Read: R Is For Ricochet, by Sue Grafton.
Currently Reading: The Divinci Code, by Dan Brown.
Books I want to read: The Broker, by John Grisham.
Where did you hear about us? I found the community through an interest search.
Promote This Community in ONE place and show us where.
**Sorry, but we need promotion!** - MODS
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